Corporate Social Responsibility

In compliance with Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility expectations have outlined the Mission and Vision statements. The organization has always ensured its Management Team is monitoring the Social Responsibilities and the impact of the Organization on the Society.

We at Sidvin, recognize our corporate responsibility in a world where both Government and Private organizations have the same impact on society. As a profitable and responsible organization in the 21st century, it is important to contribute and give back to society. At Sidvin, we pledge to be responsible towards society utilizing a sustainable approach that creates value in the long run.

Our focus areas for corporate social responsibility is as below,

CSR Initiative Purpose Impact Benefits
Computer Education to Rural Students Penetration of Technology in the rural sector is very low even though India is one of the fastest growing IT economies in the world. As we move forward in the 21st century, rural students need to cope with technological developments as much as their urban counterparts. Our intent is to help rural students be aware of the basics in technology so that they may be well educated in this sphere and be ready to face everyday challenges. A direct impact is foreseen on young adults being able to procure better job opportunities and contribute to the economic value creation. A business impact is also possible as computers will help advance opportunities in business. Basic Computer Education will help create job opportunities, Rural Economic growth, and contribute to Social upliftment..
Promoting Sports in the Nation The field of sports is under developed in India. Athletes lack opportunities and the encouragement to participate at national and global events. In recent times the private sector has come forth to sponsor events and sports to help improve India's stance in the World arena. As such, Sidvin has taken the initiative to support and improve Motorsports. Young motorsports enthusiasts and international exposure for the country. Contributing its part towards Promotion and Development of Sports.