Core Team

Mohan P Nagarajan

Mohan P. Nagarajan

| Chairman and Managing Director

Mr Mohan Nagarajan is a first generation entrepreneur. He founded Sidvin in the year 2000 with a vision to provide Indian engineers an opportunity to pitch their knowledge and talent against the best in the world. He started the company with 5 engineers and has steered the growth to put Sidvin on a global map. He reinforces strong cultural values and believes “Integrity of thoughts and actions” are primary to Sidvin’ s way of life. His strong connect with the employees serves as a catalyst for enhanced employee engagement and motivation. His passion for engineering and quest for excellence ensures transcending performance of Sidvin.

Mr Mohan is a wildlife conservationist and a renowned wildlife photographer. Also a popular sports enthusiast, encourages and supports various forms of motor sports in the country.

Mohammed Ismail Samsi

Mohammed Ismail Samsi

| Director

Mr Mohammed Ismail Samsi is a successful entrepreneur with businesses as varied as Infrastructure development, Construction, IT & Engineering Services.

Mr Samsi is a well-known philanthropist and has many first against his name for his generous contribution towards the education of rural children and poverty alleviation in rural India. He brings to Sidvin the vast experience in business strategy, technology and commercial management. Today he enjoys prominent status in society, holds honorary and prestigious offices in various organizations and contributes to various social and economic causes. He also holds board positions in 3 other highly successful organizations engaged in Infrastructure and urban development projects.

E M R Naidu

E M R Naidu

| Technology Group – Head

Mr Naidu joined Sidvin in year 2005 and has been appointed as Head of technology group in September 2014. In this role, Mr Naidu is responsible for developing and establishing Corporate Engineering Standards across all Engineering Disciplines with a primary objective to enhance Technical capabilities & further create best engineering practices in the Organization.

Mr Naidu has over 35 years of experience in Oil & Gas Industry. He has been the inspiration and driving force for establishing new technical disciplines and technologies for Sidvin.

Prior to joining Sidvin, Mr. Naidu has worked with MECON since 2002 as Deputy General Manager where he has handled various large projects including Sea Bird Project in Karwar for Indian Navy, Second Launch Pad for SHAR-ISRO for Indian Space programme. Mr. Naidu holds an honour degree in Bachelor of Science.

Asha S P

Asha S P

| Associate Vice President – Marketing & Sales

Ms Asha joined Sidvin as Associate Vice President - Marketing & Sales in July 2017. She joined Sidvin with over 12 years of experience in Business Management and has worked previously with GE and Wipro among other international companies.

Her biggest strengths are in her ability to assess, evaluate any role/business and passionately create and implement solutions that enhance the business performance of the organization.

Ms Asha holds a Masters degree in Business Administration and Marketing as major.

H N S Sharma

H N S Sharma

| Head of Engineering – Engineering

Mr Sharma joined Sidvin in its year of inception, 2000. He has been appointed AGM – Engineering in 2014. He has over 17 years of professional experience in management and engineering within the offshore Oil & Gas industry. In his current role, he is responsible for all engineering activities, providing quality and timely deliverables on Projects, resource and capability development.

Being one of the first employees of Sidvin, Mr. Sharma is the longest serving member and also one of the pioneers of our organization. Prior to joining Sidvin, he has worked with Chemtex Consulting India Limited and MECON Limited (on behalf of JVSL).

Mr Sharma holds a Bachelor degree of Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore University.

Mukund B G

Mukund B G

| Assistant General Manager - Engineering

Mr. Mukund joined Sidvin in the year 2014. He has over 24 years of professional experience with major International companies in management and engineering in the offshore Oil & Gas industry. He has held the position of Senior Manager - Electrical & Instrumentation before being appointed as AGM – Engineering in 2016. In his current role, he is responsible for all engineering activities, resource and capability development.

Prior to joining SIDVIN, Mr. Mukund has worked in various positions in Modec Singapore, Petrofac India, ABB Lumus, CB&I Singapore.

He is a very charismatic leader and has displayed high standards of integrity. Engineering remains his true passion till date and is the driving force for his successes in professional life.

K N Karumbaiah

K N Karumbaiah

| Head - Project Control & Planning

Mr Karumbaiah joined Sidvin in its year of Inception, 2000 and has been appointed Head of Project Control & Planning in April 2014. He has over 17 years of experience in Project Management. In his role as PC&P department head, he is responsible for planning and successful execution of projects to the clients' expectations. He has been part of all projects engineered till date in Sidvin.

Prior to joining SIDVIN, Mr. Karumbaiah has gained rich project experience working for international organizations such as Carrier, Voltas.

Mr Karumbaiah holds a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Rekha N

Rekha N

|Vice President : Corporate Strategy

Rekha joined Sidvin in the year 2002 and has been appointed Vice President - Corporate Strategy in October 2014. She is responsible for creating, communicating and implementing Strategic initiatives as per Business Plan while concurrently driving operational excellence in current systems and processes.

Ms Rekha successfully led the organization to be certified ISO 9001:2008 in the year 2011. She has led several critical transformational initiatives that made significant contributions to the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s operations.

Ms Rekha holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science.