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Project Engineer - Projects (Job Code: PPE02)

Education & Experience:

Masters / B.E
5 - 7 years of experience.

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Skill Set

  • Primavera

Job Description

  • Coordination and managing the Engineering and Technical Assistance activities with Engineering Project Manager.
  • Execute Project Control Engineering, responsible in handling multiple projects.
  • Prepare Project progress, man hrs, productivity charts and manpower forecast charts.
  • Assist Engineering Project Manager on project issues.
  • Anticipates and uses initiatives to resolve problems while constantly updating the Project Manager regarding progress. Ensures strict compliance with company Quality Policy and Departmental Procedures.
  • Association EPM with organisation QA standard prepare & publish execution guidelines for each project.
  • Manage & maintain work breakdown structures/modules of the project.
  • Identify the Critical areas and inform the Management for eliminate the delays in the Project.
  • Ability to analyze different types of documents, their tracking, collecting and assisting the Project Manager for control and responses to the essential documents.
  • Responsible for the distribution of documents received from the customers /vendors to concerned department heads/leads based on the distribution list formulated by Engineering Manager.
  • Responsible for Preparing the proposals and tenders.
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