Life @ Sidvin

It is easy to fill this page up with the usual buzzwords of a corporate world. But at the end of the day, what would an employee expect from an employer? Challenging work, good work-life balance, opportunities for career growth, performance oriented rewards...

We believe we can do better!

Sidvin is not just a company but a way of life. Picture this:

A decade and a half ago, a few young men with talent and dreams set out to show the world that Indian engineering is as good as any on the planet. Fast-forward to this day and you have a 300+ member team working with global giants and delivering quality that has catapulted the company into being a market leader in its domain. Consistency in results, audacity in dreams, being passionate about making a difference, being agile about ideas and resources - these are just some of the qualities that define your typical Sidvinite. And we believe in bringing this to the table irrespective of whether we are working a late night in the office or partying on a team outing!

Engineering Team

Design Team